Each request made to one of our endpoints requires authentication by using API Key and Secret that you've generated here.

Pass the following authentication headers with each request:

x-api-key: "your key"
x-api-secret: "your secret"

Here's an example using cURL

-H "x-api-key:d84043b46f2ed20ba5d6060ac2f8fc5ddd29e2c1b9576417"\
-H "x-api-secret:2b1b4a3d4c543b07e6e578738ef26fac35ff1e654feb961f5e5cb229ebdbe44c"\\?from\

Please note that both keys should be kept confidential, using your API Key & Secret in a publicly available frontend application is therefore not allowed since this will expose both of your keys to the public granting everyone access to your account.