What we collect & why

Data that we collect on your behalf from website visits

Our web analytics have been built with privacy in mind. We do not collect any data that isn't necessary, we don't use cookies, local storage or session storage and crucially, we do not collect any identifiable information about your visits. Nothing can be linked back to any one visitor.

You own 100% of the data we collect on your behalf. None of the data collected from your visitors will be sold or shared with third-parties.

Here's a detailed description of what we collect and how we process it.


We use visitor IP address to extract location info in order to provide you data about where in the world the traffic comes from. The only thing saved in our database is the location data itself. IP addresses are not logged and are not saved.

What does "location data" mean?

We only extract and save three things from visitor's IP address:

  • Country

  • City

No other data (like latitude and longitude of the visitor) is processed or saved

Window width and height

We send and save window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight

This data is currently not presented on your dashboard but is collected because we plan to do so in order for you to know which device types are used to visit your website.

User agent

We send and save User Agents in order to show popular browsers and OS in your Dashboard. We also use this data to ignore pageviews that are caused by crawlers or bots visiting your website.


We send and save the referrer so you can understand where your visitors come from.

URL & Hostname

We extract, send and save full page URL in order to show you the most popular pages. We also extract utm_source and ref query parameters to show you the most frequently used ones. utm_source is used if present, otherwise ref is taken if present.

Unique visits

We do not use Cookies or collect IP addresses to track unique visits. Instead we use the referrer to determine whether a visit is unique or not. A visit is considered unique if referrer domain is not the same as the domain name of your website. For Single Page Applications each pageload is counted as a unique visit, while subsequent route changes after the page has been loaded are not.


We check the Origin to make sure the data comes from the appropriate domain name and matches the website ID included in our JS code.


We extract, send and save the locale from visitor's browser.

Do Not Track

If visitor's browser reports that the "Do Not Track" setting is enabled than we will not make any requests to our servers and no data will be collected.

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