Event Tracking

Event tracking can be essential for many websites, it allows you to emit events when a user performs certain actions using JavaScript and later analyze this data in your dashboard.
There are no additional integration steps you need to do to get started, event tracking is already baked into our JS script you use for tracking pageviews.
So, in order to emit an event just call alpinaWebAnalytics.emit
Please note that the event name may only contain letters, numbers and an underscore (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _)
Additionally, you can emit an event alongside some additional data, for example:
alpinaWebAnalytics.emit('transaction_complete', {
selected_processor: 'paypal',
new_checkout_page: 'true',
coupon_used: 1
Keep in mind that you cannot send a deeply nested object. Supported value types are string and number, so for example if you were to set coupon_used to true then the property would be dropped by Alpina and not saved at all.
Also, please note that we do not recommend passing any personal information.
Emitted events alongside the additional data you pass can later be analyzed in your dashboard here.